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  • MoisturRight Leave-In Detangler

    Lightweight detangling spray that instantly moisturizes the hair so it becomes tangle-free and smooth. Features

    • Contains Phyto Extracts that add moisture to hair and scalp.
    • Biocomplex of Royal Jelly , Fruit Extracts and Keratin increase fiber elasticity for stronger hair.
    • Leaves hair smooth, shiny and static free.
    • Comb glides through wet hair.

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  • MoisturRight Nourishing Conditioner

    A rich, luxurious treatment for dry, damaged hair that moisturizes and nourished every hair strand from inside out. Features

    • Formulated with natural Phyto Extracts plus Argan, Pequi and Buriti Oils to maintain the hair and scalp’s natural moisture levels.
    • Biocomplex of Royal Jelly and Fruit Extracts which adds fiber strength and increases elasticity.
    • Moisturizes hair and scalp which promotes longer, stronger hair.
    • Leaves hair shiny and easy to comb.

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  • MoisturRight Clarifying Shampoo

    Mild detergents deeply clean hair and scalp while maintaining their natural moisture balance.


    • Sulfate free formula.
    • Eliminates dirt, product build-up and oily residue without stripping hair and scalp.
    • Contains royal jelly, fruit extracts and keratin which help increase fiber elasticity for healthier, stronger hair.
    • Argan, Pequi and Buriti oils help nourish dry, brittle hair.


    • Thoroughly cleans hair by eliminating product build-up, oils and dirt
    • Maintains scalp’s moisture balance to promote healthy hair growth

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  • StyleRight ProGrowth Oil

    An amazing oil treatment for your hair and scalp!


    • A nourishing blend of Pumpkin Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, and Rice Bran Oil, which are rich in Phytosterols that moisturize and revitalize hair and scalp.
    • Concentrated formula.


    • Natural essential oils help to moisturize dry hair and scalp.
    • Regular Use nourishes the scalp, allowing for healthier hair growth.
    • Adds exceptional shine to hair.

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  • MoisturRight Hair Repair Masque

    Contains technologically advanced restorative properties that repairs dry, damaged, and brittle hair caused by thermal, chemical, mechanical and environmental stresses.


    • Contains a Biocomplex of royal jelly, fruit extracts and keratin which adds fiber strength and elasticity for longer, stronger hair.
    • Infused with Phyto extracts and nourishing oils including Argan, Pequi, and Buriti, which add moisture and nourishment to dry hair and scalp.


    • Penetrates deep within the hair shaft to immediately start repairing hair fibers from inside out.
    • Leaves hair revitalized, healthy looking and manageable.

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  • StyleRight Laminate Spray

    Instantly adds shine and protection from thermal damage.


    • Comb glides through hair resulting in reduced breakage.
    • Reduces thermal damage during blow drying and flat ironing.


    • Improves hair’s natural moisture balance.
    • Leaves hair less porous.
    • Imparts a high shine to hair.

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  • StyleRight Foam Wrap Lotion

    Provides a long-lasting, beautiful hold.


    • Conditioning formula.
    • Beautiful hold without stiffness and flaking.
    • Infused with Phyto Extracts and Keratin that penetrates deep into the hair fibers.


    • Creates luxurious hair styles full of body and shine.
    • Leaves hair moisturized and healthy looking.
    • Protects hair from thermal damage.
    Key ingredients: Fruit Extracts, Amla Extract, Shikakai Extract, Reetha Extract, and Keratin.

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