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CAREBEAU Spa Lightening Salt MILK & YOGURT


Skin whitening is simple with a skin spa. With salt, Spa Carebeau, just scrub, rub, just this, the skin is white, clear, milk formula, yogurt
Has properties to help stimulate the peeling of dead skin cells It also contains a mixture of fruits, minerals, vitamin E and AHA and pure mineral water. Makes the skin moist, soft, radiant and fragrant. The skin is bright, smooth, white and also helps to eliminate excess fat by tightening the body. With a delicate aroma from the fruit, refreshing, relaxing tension
Spa Salt Scrub with a blend of meticulous skin care of AHA, vitamin B3, collagen and vitamin E that helps shed old skin cells and reveal new skin to be noticeably brighter. Preserving your skin to look bright. Smooth, soft to the touch With a fresh scent to help relax With natural secret formula That helps reduce inflammation of the skin Make your body look glowing with an aura When used daily Will see the change



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