Clairol Professional Basic White 2 Powder Lighteners Hair Color, Pack Of 1


Extra-strength BW2 Powder lightener is dedusted to minimize powder fly-away, letting you create a full range of subtle-to-dramatic off-the-scalp lightening services.

Basic White benefits include: Balanced lightening Predictable, quick results Full range of lightening services



Mix with 10-, 20-, or 30- volume Clairol Professional developer in a plastic bowl to a creamy consistency.



Apply BW2 using a foling technique, balayage, or other off the scalp lightening technique.  Heat may be used during the processing, but never use heat on relaxed hair.


Retouch Application:

Apply only to areas that have not been decolorized previously.



Process until the desired lightness is achieved.


Clairol Professional Developer Selection Chart


Developer Selection Lightening Action
10- Volume For slower, less lightening action and chemically relaxed hair.
20- Volume For standard lightening.
30- Volume For fast ligtening.


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Weight 36 g
Dimensions 12.3 × 1.3 × 15 cm


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